PRET in the Americas Workshop

PRET in the Americas Workshop 🗓


October 10, 2023 - 12:00 am


October 12, 2023 - 12:00 am


Bogota, Colombia​   View map


The WHO Global Initiative for Emerging Threat Preparedness and Resilience (PRET) recognizes that the same systems, capacities, knowledge, and tools can be harnessed and applied to pathogenic groups depending on their mode of transmission (e.g., respiratory) and presents an innovative hazard-based approach that strengthens preparedness for all threats.  This approach is also aligned with the core capabilities of the International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005). 

 Recognizing the knowledge, experiences, and best practices in the countries of the Region of the Americas, the Infectious Hazard Management/Public Health Emergencies (IHM/PHE) unit is inviting experts in respiratory diseases from the five subregions of the Region to participate in the exchange of knowledge to participate in the development of a useful roadmap for planning for preparedness and response to respiratory pathogen pandemics in the countries of the Region. 

The purpose of this roadmap is to facilitate the guided updating and development of plans for the preparedness and response to pandemics caused by respiratory pathogens aligned with module 1 of the PRET initiative and aimed at taking advantage of existing plans in the countries. 



  1. Identify the specific challenges and needs of the countries of the Region in effective planning and response to pandemics caused by respiratory pathogens.
  1. Foster multi-sectoral coordination for the development of comprehensive strategies for pandemic preparedness and response.
  1. Jointly develop the regional roadmap that describes strategies, guidelines, and recommendations to strength preparedness the countries of the region of the Americas.



  • Plenary sessions accompanied by activities and discussions on preparedness and response to future respiratory pathogen pandemics.  
  • Work in thematic groups: emergency coordination, collaborative surveillance, community protection, clinical care and access to countermeasures


Meeting Language:

Spanish – English with simultaneous interpretation  


Guest countries:

Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Saint Lucia 


Guests from national authorities with the following profile: 

  1. Coordinator of emergency management for infectious threats of the Ministry of Health; 
  2. Professional from the Ministry of Health or equivalent institution that is responsible for the epidemiological surveillance of Influenza, COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses; 
  3. Lead technical professional of the National Influenza Center or National Reference Laboratory for influenza and other respiratory viruses, including the diagnosis of COVID-19; 
  4. Responsible for Health Promotion with experience in health emergencies due to communicable diseases; 
  5. Professional at the National level in charge of risk communication in the context of emergencies due to infectious disease epidemics; 
  6. Professional at the National level in charge of infection prevention and control; 
  7. Professional at the National level responsible for the National Immunization Program against influenza and COVID-19, and 
  8. Professional at the national level responsible for developing and coordinating the implementation of the national guidelines for comprehensive clinical management for emergencies due to respiratory diseases 

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