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Taller de Manejo Clínico fortalece la respuesta ante Enfermedades Respiratorias Graves en Latinoamérica y el Caribe

Entre el 12 y el 14 de septiembre de 2023, Bogotá, Colombia, fue el epicentro del "Taller de Manejo Clínico de Casos Graves de Influenza (Estacional y Zoonótica), COVID-19 y Virus Sincitial Respiratorio”, que reunió a profesionales clínicos provenientes de 15 países de América Latina y el Caribe. Durante este evento de tres días, se [...]
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SARINET Plus & REVELAC-i’s 10th Anniversary: Advancing Vaccine Effectiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean

Antigua Guatemala, a city renowned for its cultural heritage and scenic beauty, recently witnessed a remarkable medical event that marked the 10th anniversary of REVELAC-i. Dedicated to evaluating vaccine effectiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean, REVELAC-I celebrated a decade of achievements and discuss critical goals for the future. The event brought together 120 participants [...]
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Strengthening Respiratory Virus Surveillance in the Caribbean Sub-region

A workshop organized by PAHO’s influenza and other respiratory viruses team was held in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos with the goal to address the integration of SARS-CoV-2 into routine surveillance systems for respiratory viruses in the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands. The workshop aimed to enhance the surveillance systems for respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, influenza, […]


The effectiveness and impact of public health and social measures (PHSMs)

Public health and social measures (PHSMs) are a key strategy to reduce the transmission of pathogens with epidemic or pandemic potential. PHSMs include non-pharmaceutical interventions that can be taken by individuals, institutions, communities, local and national governments and international bodies to slow or stop the spread of an infectious disease, such as COVID-19. Individuals can, for […]

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